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Keli Goff

Keli Goff is a longtime political reporter, writer and producer who was nominated for two news and documentary Emmy Awards for her work on the Netflix documentary 'Reversing Roe,' which chronicled America’s battles over abortion. She also won a 2016 NAACP Image Award for her episode of the series Being Mary Jane. She most recently served as a writer and producer on the drama 'Mayor of Kingstown' and the dramedy, 'And Just Like That.'

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Donald Trump’s legal woes, combined with the passionate devotion of his loyalists, have made him one of the biggest wild cards in the history of presidential politics. But this Republican primary cycle has also been shaken up by one of Trump’s self-proclaimed biggest fans, Vivek Ramaswamy. The right-wing entrepreneur, who has said he’s prepared to […]

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Of the thousands of members of Congress who have served throughout history, few will be remembered, with rare exceptions. Those who become presidents, or Speaker of the House, or have buildings named after them are less likely to be forgotten. Then there are those whose policy stands solidify their legacies. When California Representative Barbara Lee […]

Congressman Ro Khanna on DeSantis’ Fatal Flaw, AI Regulation and How the Media Should Cover Trump

While representing Silicon Valley’s 17th congressional district, Democratic congressman Ro Khanna has pulled off a unique political balancing act. He’s successfully positioned himself as a progressive capitalist, supported by billionaires in Big Tech while serving as a co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ last presidential campaign, which pilloried the billionaire class. But Khanna sees bringing disparate groups […]

Congressman Adam Schiff on Trump’s GOP Grip, Looming WGA Strike and His All-Time Favorite Show

With hundreds of members of Congress all jockeying for media attention (whether they admit that or not) it is increasingly challenging for individuals to break through and establish a national profile. Yet Adam Schiff has managed to do just that. His role as lead prosecutor in President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial turned Schiff into a hero among […]

Senator Tammy Duckworth on Hollywood Touchstones and Oscar Favorites

When Sen. Tammy Duckworth emerged as a serious contender for the Biden presidential ticket, it catapulted her from a rising Illinois force to a national Democratic star. In a political landscape that questions whether women should lead by being tough or being vulnerable, Duckworth proved she’s both. An Iraq War combat pilot severely injured when […]

Guest Column: Upset Trevor Noah is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’? Blame Sarah Palin

Trevor Noah’s announcement that he will be stepping down from hosting The Daily Show has reignited questions about the future of late night television. The main question seems to be whether late night has a future at all. Many blame streaming for the declining cultural reign of the late night talk show. Here’s another culprit: Sarah […]

Guest Column: Having More Women in Power Could Have Raised Urgency of Protecting Roe

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s June 30 swearing-in as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court was historic and inspiring. While her ascendance just six days after the court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade struck many as ironic and dispiriting, it should also serve as a powerful reminder that in Washington, D.C., as well as in […]

Female Writers of Color on Creating Entertainment in a Year of “Heartbreak and Horror”

The Emmy-nominated producer (currently working on 'Sex and the City' reboot 'And Just Like That') talks to female writers of color about the challenges they faced amid the pandemic and in the wake of George Floyd's killing.

Will Biden and Harris Finally Call Out Hollywood’s Diversity Hypocrisy? (Guest Column)

The leadership mix at the media companies run by the Democrat’s biggest donors is little better than that of the Trump administration, but Biden and Harris are also uniquely positioned to put their big-dollar donors on notice.

Reconstruction Comes to Hollywood (Guest Column)

It’s great to tweet about Black Lives Matter and give Emmys. It’s more important to award BIPOC executives with greenlighting power and to support men and women of color in this industry who call out harmful institutions or individuals.

What Black Hollywood Can Learn From Reagan and Trump (Guest Column)

TV writer Keli Goff explains how Black entertainers can take a page out of the right's playbook to leverage their celebrity to run for office.

In the Battle Between Writers and Agents, TV Packaging Hurts Women and People of Color (Guest Column)

Packaging has thrived and provided a wealth of opportunity, but just for a limited group of people, argues Keli Goff, television writer and producer of the Netflix documentary 'Reversing Roe.'