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Brian Davids


Since 2018, Brian Davids has conducted over 600 interviews for The Hollywood Reporter, writing primarily out of THR’s genre vertical, Heat Vision. Prior to THR, Davids owned and operated his own marketing company for a decade.

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‘Reptile’ Filmmaker Grant Singer Breaks Down the Ending of His Netflix Chart-Topper

[This story contains spoilers for Reptile.] In the two weeks since its release, Grant Singer’s Reptile has remained atop Netflix’s own film charts with 19.9 million views and counting. The Benicio Del Toro-led crime thriller is Singer’s feature directorial debut after nearly a decade of making inventive music videos for the likes of The Weeknd, […]

‘Saw X’ Director Kevin Greutert on Making the Franchise’s First Critically Acclaimed Film

[This story contains spoilers for Saw X.] If anyone deserved to be at the helm of the Saw franchise’s first critically acclaimed film, it’s Saw X director Kevin Greutert. The editor-turned-director has been credited on every single Saw film, be it as an editor, director or executive producer, beginning with James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s […]

Meet ‘Loki’ EP Kevin R. Wright, Former Marine Turned Marvel Producer

Hollywood success stories often have a lot of overlap, but not in the case of Loki executive producer Kevin R. Wright. The Philadelphia native postponed his film school dreams to enlist in the Marine Corps just a few months before 9/11, and he ended up serving as a combat correspondent for four years. From there, […]

‘Totally Killer’ Director Nahnatchka Khan Talks That Killer Swerve and Creating Keanu’s Kiss-Blowing Meme

Totally Killer director Nahnatchka Khan has quietly become one of the preeminent comedic voices in town.  As the creator of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Fresh Off the Boat, Khan took her sensibilities to feature films in 2019, helming the well-received Netflix romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe. The rom-com, which starred […]

‘The Exorcist: Believer’ Filmmaker David Gordon Green Talks Taylor Swift, Tea Time with Ellen Burstyn and What He’s Directing Next

As he was finishing up his Halloween sequel trilogy, David Gordon Green was ready to take another left turn in a career full of left turns, but then Jason Blum tempted him with the idea of giving The Exorcist (1973) its own sequel trilogy treatment. In 2021, Universal and Peacock reportedly paid $400 million for […]

‘Pet Sematary: Bloodlines’ Filmmaker Lindsey Anderson Beer Talks Her Prequel to Stephen King’s Classic Novel and Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’

Guillermo Del Toro often says that a filmography is actually a biography for the filmmaker involved, but in the case of Lindsey Anderson Beer, her filmography doesn’t come close to telling her story. Beer is currently making her feature directorial debut with Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, a prequel to Stephen King’s classic horror novel Pet Sematary […]

‘The Creator’ Director Gareth Edwards Believes Big-Budget Franchises Can Adopt His More Affordable Approach

Gareth Edwards has made films at both ends of the budget spectrum, and his latest sci-fi film, The Creator, is his valiant attempt to find a balance between the two. In his feature directorial debut, Monsters (2010), Edwards received a crash course in independent guerrilla filmmaking, as he roamed around Latin America with Scoot McNairy, […]

‘The Royal Hotel’ Filmmaker Kitty Green Wants to Make a Spiritual Trilogy with Julia Garner

The Royal Hotel’s Kitty Green and Julia Garner want to keep a good thing going. Following their 2019 drama The Assistant, the Australian filmmaker and her thrice-Emmy-winning American star are back with another critically acclaimed film in The Royal Hotel, which again examines power dynamics between men and women, as well as microaggressions from the […]

Tom DeLonge Talks Directing ‘Monsters of California’ and Taking Some “Left Turns” with Blink-182’s New Record

As if Blink-182’s world tour and new record weren’t enough to keep him busy, Tom DeLonge is also on the verge of releasing his feature directorial debut with Monsters of California.  DeLonge’s edgier take on the Amblin-esque coming-of-age adventure opens Oct. 6 in select theaters and on digital. Co-written by DeLonge and Ian Miller, the […]

‘Flora and Son’ Director John Carney Defends Eve Hewson’s Casting and Explains Why He Won’t Make a Studio Movie

Musicians often have a signature style, and for Irish writer-director-musician John Carney, it only makes sense that his films have one, as well.  Carney’s brand of musical drama usually tells a relatable story about the healing power of music, and his latest film for Apple TV+, Flora and Son, is no exception. As a child […]

‘Dumb Money’ Producer Aaron Ryder Is Used to David vs. Goliath Stories (Just Ask About ‘Memento’)

In January 2021, Dumb Money producer Aaron Ryder was in the midst of a mandatory two-week quarantine in Montreal, and to pass the time, he began to track the ever-evolving situation with GameStop’s stock. The struggling video game retailer became the apple of the internet’s eye, as Redditors on the WallStreetBets subreddit and YouTube investors […]

‘Reptile’ Producers Black Label Media Talk Their Third Benicio Del Toro Film and Say ‘Sicario 3’ Is “Very Close”

Black Label Media, consisting of sisters Molly and Rachel Smith and twin brothers Trent and Thad Luckinbill, have returned to the screen with their calling card: a Benicio Del Toro-led crime thriller.  The independent production and finance company, most known for producing the Sicario films and co-financing La La Land, is set to release Grant […]