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artificial intelligence

Bad Wolf CEO Jane Tranter on ‘Doctor Who,’ Dual Strikes and the “Pandora’s Box” of AI

Jane Tranter, the CEO and co-founder of production company Bad Wolf, knows how to get the industry buzzing with hit titles. The Wales-based production juggernaut, majority-owned by Sony, continues to go strong with the likes of epic The Winter King, based on Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling Warlord Chronicles books, and Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who series. […]

ITV CEO on Trialing AI, the Impact of Dual Strikes and How ITVX Has “Accelerated” Her Streaming Ambitions

Carolyn McCall, CEO of ITV, has led the U.K. TV giant since 2018, driving its transformation for the digital age. Freemium streaming service ITVX launched in late 2022 with such originals as Cold War drama A Spy Among Friends, starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce. It has brought the company “over 2 billion streams and […]

Adobe Unwraps AI-Driven Tools, Promises “Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency”

As Adobe rolled out a string of new generative AI-driven tools, CEO Shantanu Narayan promised “accountability, responsibility and transparency” in his opening keynote at the company’s annual Max confab, which is taking place this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center. He went on to describe AI as a “creative co-pilot” to speed up productivity […]

13 Times Hollywood Predicted the Scary (or Not So Scary) Future of AI

Artificial intelligence has gained new technological and cultural relevance in the past year, to the excitement (we assume) of some and the fear of pretty much anyone who’s ever seen a sci-fi movie. Indeed, one of the major reasons for the dual writers and actors strike is concern that studios will use AI to replace […]

Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda Criticizes Use of AI to Re-create His Voice: “I Find It Personally Disturbing”

Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda is speaking out against the use of artificial intelligence to re-create the sound of her father’s voice. “I am not an impartial voice in SAG’s fight against AI. I’ve witnessed for YEARS how many people want to train these models to create/re-create actors who cannot consent, like Dad,” she wrote on […]

AI Is Studying My Book About James Cameron to Learn How to Write. So Far, It’s: Robots 1, Humans 0

In 2009, I wrote a book about James Cameron called The Futurist, in which I detailed the Avatar and Titanic filmmaker’s complicated relationship with technology. Cameron has spent his career on the bleeding edge of science, from the visual effects he helped pioneer to the submersibles he designed and rode to the deepest points in […]

Top Consulting Firm Says Studios “Should Spurn” AI As Replacement for Creatives

Creative talents’ worries have been in focus this summer in Hollywood amid the dual writers and actors strikes, along with much debate about whether AI could replace artists and upset production. Management consulting firm Bain & Co. is signaling there could be a less contentious future though, which it outlines in a new report entitled […]

Tubi Partners With ChatGPT for New AI-Powered Film and TV Recommendations

Tubi, Fox Corporation’s ad-supported video-on-demand service, has teamed up with ChatGPT artificial intelligence program to change the way viewers navigate the streaming platform. It is also the first time a streaming service has officially partnered with AI technology to elevate its search feature. Tubi’s technology, Rabbit AI, which is powered by ChatGPT-4, allows “viewers to […]

How Will Editors Use AI? The Tech’s Role in Production and Post Scrutinized at IBC

With generative artificial intelligence, all traditional production workflows will be disrupted, said Marco Tempest, a director’s fellow at the MIT Media Lab, of this transformative tech and how it could be used well beyond engineering circles. “I think it’s the first time ever that we’ve been confronted with a technological wave that doesn’t require technologists […]

Meet Maya, an AI Real Estate Expert Launched by Celebrity Agent Fredrik Eklund

Real estate agents are already using ChatGPT to help write listing descriptions, while prop tech, short for property technology, is one of the hottest areas of development in the real estate world, from artificial intelligence-powered interior design generator ReImagine Home (which can be used by potential buyers to quickly envisage how a home could be […]

Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks Working on AI Likeness Rights With Metaphysic

Generative AI tech firm Metaphysic has finally announced its new system for what it claims could help actors and other individuals to navigate the creation and management of their personal data including their likeness and voice — while saying that early users include Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Paris Hilton and Maria Sharapova. […]

Tim Burton on Seeing His Animation Style Imitated by AI: “It’s Like a Robot Taking Your Humanity”

Tim Burton, who is known for his distinct style of characters and movies, is sharing his thoughts on artificial intelligence and its threat to animation. During a recent interview with The Independent, the filmmaker was asked about a BuzzFeed story published in July that used AI to show what Disney movies would look like if […]