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‘Hunger Games’ Director Says He “Totally Regrets” Splitting ‘Mockingjay’ Into Two…

Francis Lawrence said he "realized it was frustrating" for fans to have to wait a year between each movie.

Zach Cregger-Produced Horror Thriller ‘Occupant’ Lands Blair Butler as Writer (Exclusive)

In one of its first development moves since the end of the writers strike, New Line has hired Blair Butler to write Occupant, the adaptation of a short story by Victor Sweetser. Zach Cregger, the filmmaker behind the critically adored 2022 horror movie Barbarian, is producing the supernatural thriller with frequent collaborator Roy Lee of […]

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Live-Action Work in Development at CD Projekt Red, Anonymous Content

CD Projekt Red is teaming with Anonymous Content to develop a live-action project set within the universe of Cyberpunk 2077. The project, which will feature an all-new story set in the world of the game franchise, is still in the early development stages and currently looking for a screenwriter, CK Projekt Red announced Thursday. The […]

‘The Creator’ Director Gareth Edwards Believes Big-Budget Franchises Can Adopt His More Affordable Approach

Gareth Edwards has made films at both ends of the budget spectrum, and his latest sci-fi film, The Creator, is his valiant attempt to find a balance between the two. In his feature directorial debut, Monsters (2010), Edwards received a crash course in independent guerrilla filmmaking, as he roamed around Latin America with Scoot McNairy, […]

‘Exorcist: Believer’ Gets Horrifying Reviews After Studio Gambled $400 Million for Rights

From a business perspective, at least, The Exorcist: Believer is suddenly looking scary. The first film in a planned horror trilogy, Exorcist: Believer is getting rather poor reviews — scoring only a 28 22 20 23 percent average on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s hardly unusual for Exorcist films to leave critics unimpressed. The franchise may have […]

‘Smile’ Filmmaker Parker Finn Launches Genre Production Banner Bad Feeling (Exclusive)

Parker Finn, the filmmaker behind horror hit Smile, has launched Bad Feeling, a film and television production company, with Jonathan Fass named as the banner’s head of development. The company will be based at Paramount, the studio that released Smile and with whom Finn signed a first-look deal earlier this year. Bad Feeling has a […]

‘The Royal Hotel’ Filmmaker Kitty Green Wants to Make a Spiritual Trilogy with Julia Garner

The Royal Hotel’s Kitty Green and Julia Garner want to keep a good thing going. Following their 2019 drama The Assistant, the Australian filmmaker and her thrice-Emmy-winning American star are back with another critically acclaimed film in The Royal Hotel, which again examines power dynamics between men and women, as well as microaggressions from the […]

John Woo’s ‘Silent Night’ Trailer: Are Dialogue-Free Movies a Trend Now?

A potential trend is emerging: Actors being forced to shut up in movies. The new trailer for John Woo’s dialogue-free thriller Silent Night (below) teases a protagonist played by Joel Kinnaman who’s unable to speak. (“Nothing speaks louder than revenge,” reads the movie’s tagline.) The trailer follows Hulu’s similarly dialogue-free hit alien invasion thriller No […]

Tom DeLonge Talks Directing ‘Monsters of California’ and Taking Some “Left Turns” with Blink-182’s New Record

As if Blink-182’s world tour and new record weren’t enough to keep him busy, Tom DeLonge is also on the verge of releasing his feature directorial debut with Monsters of California.  DeLonge’s edgier take on the Amblin-esque coming-of-age adventure opens Oct. 6 in select theaters and on digital. Co-written by DeLonge and Ian Miller, the […]

‘Flora and Son’ Director John Carney Defends Eve Hewson’s Casting and Explains Why He Won’t Make a Studio Movie

Musicians often have a signature style, and for Irish writer-director-musician John Carney, it only makes sense that his films have one, as well.  Carney’s brand of musical drama usually tells a relatable story about the healing power of music, and his latest film for Apple TV+, Flora and Son, is no exception. As a child […]

‘Rogue One’ Director Says “There Is So Much Inaccuracy” on the Internet About Its Making

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is considered a high point for the franchise following Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012. The film grossed more than $1 billion globally and launched the critically acclaimed prequel series Andor on Disney+. The path to getting there has become the stuff of Star Wars legend, with stories of […]

‘Dumb Money’ Producer Aaron Ryder Is Used to David vs. Goliath Stories (Just Ask About ‘Memento’)

In January 2021, Dumb Money producer Aaron Ryder was in the midst of a mandatory two-week quarantine in Montreal, and to pass the time, he began to track the ever-evolving situation with GameStop’s stock. The struggling video game retailer became the apple of the internet’s eye, as Redditors on the WallStreetBets subreddit and YouTube investors […]

‘Toxic Avenger’ Reveals Bloody Teaser for Peter Dinklage-Led Reboot

The Toxic Avenger shared the first footage of its titular vigilante — armed with a mission and a mop — from the horror-comedy film starring Peter Dinklage. Macon Blair’s feature reimagines the original 1984 cult-favorite movie and premiered this month at the Fantastic Fest in Austin. The Legendary Entertainment project, which has not yet announced […]

Disney’s ‘Wish’ Trailer Is Most Watched for the Animation Studio Since ‘Frozen 2’ (Exclusive)

Disney’s Wish has been granted. The trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s upcoming movie Wish has become the studio’s biggest trailer since the release of promotional spots for Frozen 2 in 2019. The spot earned 66.5 million views across online platforms, according to the company. It surpassed the teaser trailer, which was released in April, by […]

‘Saw X’ Gets Franchise’s Best Reviews, First “Fresh” Rotten Tomatoes Score

A Saw movie is actually getting good reviews. Saw X — the 10th entry in the long-running gory horror franchise that opens this week — has Rotten Tomatoes score of 84 percent “fresh.” While more reviews will be added (the film has 62 reviews so far, including 18 “top critics” like The Hollywood Reporter’s review), […]

Apple Releases First Trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Romp ‘Argylle’

The first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s spy drama Argylle dropped Thursday morning, and in the clip, we see more of the director’s trademark slick action and more of Henry Cavill’s disconcerting haircut. The trailer offers more clues as to the plot of Argylle. We learn that Argylle (Cavill) is a fictional super spy dreamed up […]

James Gunn Confirms 3 Stars Who Will Continue Their Roles in the New DC Universe

For anyone out there who might be confused about the future of DC Universe projects, James Gunn completely understands the challenge of keeping apprised on the latest developments. Gunn, who stepped in last year as co-head of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, took to Threads on Wednesday to address fan questions about development for the […]