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Naked Attraction

‘Naked Attraction’ Boss Responds to U.S. Controversy, Explains Nude Casting Process

By now you’ve seen, or at least heard about, Max’s controversial reality sensation Naked Attraction. You likely have some questions (and, boy, so did we). Below, the show’s executive producer Darrell Olsen has answers — from what it’s like to audition as a contestant on the show, to what goes down behind the scenes, to […]

‘Naked Attraction’ Surges to Become Max’s “Most Popular” Show

The people have spoken, and they want to see the peen. Naked Attraction has surged to capture the top spot on Max streaming service’s “Most Popular” series list a week after its U.S. release. That’s pretty impressive for a 7-year-old British reality show that was added to Max with zero fanfare on Sept. 20. Media […]