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WGA Strike

Hollywood Plastic Surgeon Says He’s Done 30 Percent More Facelifts During Strikes

For a certain population of Hollywood, the now resolved WGA and ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes have offered a silver lining: Downtime for personal refreshing. “Some of my patients expected a resolution would come within a month or two, so they didn’t really feel financially strapped to be conservative with their spending,” says Beverly Hills- and San […]

AI Is Studying My Book About James Cameron to Learn How to Write. So Far, It’s: Robots 1, Humans 0

In 2009, I wrote a book about James Cameron called The Futurist, in which I detailed the Avatar and Titanic filmmaker’s complicated relationship with technology. Cameron has spent his career on the bleeding edge of science, from the visual effects he helped pioneer to the submersibles he designed and rode to the deepest points in […]

Culture Shift: I’m a Writer Facing Eviction. Do I Regret the Strike? (Guest Column)

For over five months, I’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my union, the Writers Guild of America. Our protest has brought a flawed industry reliant on our creativity to its knees. Our fight, and that of the performers of SAG-AFTRA, wasn’t just about insulating ourselves from AI and other disruptive technologies; we demanded recognition and fair compensation […]