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For Ziwe, Hell Is Getting Confronted About Sociopolitical Issues at Target

There’s just one problem with Ziwe’s first book of personal essays: She really hates getting personal. “I don’t want anyone to know anything about me,” she says with a laugh while Zooming from her home in New York. “I hate sharing.” The comedian and writer became famous for her uncomfortable, nearly satirical interviews with stars […]

The 100 Greatest Film Books of All Time 

There has long been an assumption that people in the movie business — and Hollywood specifically — aren’t exactly well read. “Millions to be grabbed out here and your only competition is idiots,” Herman Mankiewicz telegrammed Ben Hecht upon his arrival out West in 1926. Meanwhile, 2023 awards contender American Fiction includes the laugh line, “Nobody […]

THR’s 100 Greatest Film Books: See the Full List of 322 Voters

The Hollywood Reporter thanks the following 322 members of the global film community — listed alphabetically — for taking the time to cast a ballot to help us determine the 100 greatest film books of all time. Seth AbramovitchThe Hollywood Reporter journalist/It Happened in Hollywood podcast host Jo AddySoho House group film and entertainment director Casey […]

Four Industry Heavyweights Recommend a Film Book That They Love

A few of the industry heavyweights who cast ballots to help determine The Hollywood Reporter’s list of the 100 greatest film books of all time agreed to share a few words with THR about a film book that they especially treasure. Below, you can read actor Alec Baldwin gush about his “favorite show business memoir,” […]

How Lena Horne Won Over MGM — and Became a “Test Case” for Hollywood

In the early 1940s, a young Lena Horne began an engagement at an intimate L.A. club called Little Troc, where her silken voice — with her perfect enunciation and her sophisticated interpretation of the lyrics — dazzled the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Cole Porter, Lana Turner and Greta Garbo. Among the many eyes that observed her […]

Salman Rushdie Releasing Memoir About Stabbing

Salman Rushdie has a memoir coming out about the horrifying attack that left him blind in his right eye and with a damaged left hand. Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder will be published April 16. “This was a necessary book for me to write: a way to take charge of what happened, and to […]

Kerry Washington on Her Parents’ Plan to Take Sperm Donor Secret to the Grave: “They Thought They Were Protecting Me”

Kerry Washington says that her parents planned to take the secret of her being conceived by a sperm donor “to the grave,” in a move the actress says was an “act of love.” The Scandal and UnPrisoned actress revealed that she found out over half a decade ago that her father wasn’t her biological parent […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals She and Will Smith Have Lived Separate Lives Since 2016

Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed that she and husband Will Smith have been living separate lives since 2016. The actress makes the revelation in her new memoir, Worthy, and discussed the status of her relationship, noting that the pair aren’t technically divorced and aren’t planning to take that legal step, in a clip from an […]

Bryan Washington on Writing About Houston’s Queer Spaces and Sharing Restaurant Lexicon with ‘The Bear’

Bryan Washington has been publishing writing about Houston — at book length, at least — for more than four years to extreme success. His first short story collection, 2019’s Lot, earned him a spot on the National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35 list and a spot on Barack Obama’s annual list of favorite books. His follow-up […]

‘MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios’ Book Chronicles the Rise of Hollywood’s Most Dominant Player

Available on Oct. 10, the new book takes an unauthorized behind-the-scenes look at Marvel's rise from a comic book company to the peak of pop culture.

Ahead of Fall Prime Day, Amazon’s Latest Kindle Scribe E-Reader Is on Sale for Its Lowest Price Ever

Released in 2022, the retail giant's first digital notebook is on sale for more than 20 percent off, or $75 off the list price.

Audible’s Fall Prime Day Deal Saves You 60% Off a Monthly Subscription

Audible is one of the best places to stream and download audiobooks online, and now the site is offering one of its best deals yet, with a 60% discount off its monthly subscription price. Launched in conjunction with Prime Big Deal Days (a.k.a. Fall Prime Day), the new promo gets you four months of access […]