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Seija Rankin

Senior Editor

Seija Rankin is a Senior Editor at The Hollywood Reporter, where she covers books, television and film and oversees the magazine’s About Town section. Before joining THR, she was the Books and Features Editor at Entertainment Weekly. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Journalism, and lives in Los Angeles.

Kevin Kwan on the “Special Alchemy” of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and What to Expect From His Next Novel

The summer of 2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of Kevin Kwan’s internationally best-selling debut novel Crazy Rich Asians and the five-year anniversary of its record-grossing big-screen adaptation, but the author barely had time to think about the dual milestones. For the past two years he has been engrossed in the writing of his fifth novel, […]

“There’s So Much Peace to Grasp”: Taylor Kitsch on Using the Montana Wilderness to Help Communities in Need

When Taylor Kitsch signs on to the Zoom call to discuss his new charitable endeavor in rural Montana, he looks very much the part. The 42-year-old, clad in a T-shirt, is perched in the driver’s seat of his adventure van, fresh from a supply run for the geodesic dome he’s building. It looks like the […]

How ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Casting Directors Made the Band, One Member at a Time

When Kim Davis-Wagner and Justine Arteta signed on to cast the television adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s blockbuster rock ’n’ roll novel Daisy Jones & The Six, they knew they were up against the pressure of re-creating the magic of a beloved piece of IP — but they were also up against A Star Is […]

‘Yellowjackets’ Director Karyn Kusama on How the Showtime Drama Depicts the “Hell We Put Each Other Through” as Women

Karyn Kusama is one of many executive producers on Showtime’s blockbuster dual-timeline drama about the survivors of a plane crash, but she also has a very singular connection to the series: She directed both the pilot and the most recent season finale. Two years ago, she was tasked with introducing the world to the group […]

Ayo Edebiri Is Suddenly Everywhere

On a Saturday morning, Ayo Edebiri is discussing her first name. The restaurant required I put in my name for the breakfast order, a mundane request for most people but a potential point of distress for those of us with phonetically daunting monikers. The stakes are low if you’re a journalist but much higher if […]

Molly Gordon on Making Directorial Debut ‘Theater Camp’ and Reuniting With Ayo Edebiri on ‘The Bear’

This interview was conducted before SAG-AFTRA authorized a strike on July 13. In 2019, Molly Gordon worked for three days on Ramy, the Hulu show about a man exploring his faith in New York City, and it changed her life. She was 23, in the nascent stages of a career she had been dreaming about […]

Jake Tapper on His New Novel and Taking His Talents to Tinseltown With a TV Adaptation

The news never stops, but for Jake Tapper, it does occasionally share time with other creative pursuits. Today, what’s lured him away from the CNN studio (temporarily) is the promotion of his new book. He’s seated on the patio of The Pendry, a West Hollywood social club meets hotel, drinking the first of several iced […]

Molly Gordon Found Catharsis — and Bolognese — on Set of ‘The Bear’s Second Season

[This story contains spoilers to the finale of season two of The Bear.] Like so many people, The Bear was Molly Gordon’s favorite show of 2022. Unlike most people, she got to join her favorite show when it returned for its sophomore season. Gordon, who played Triple A in Booksmart and starred alongside Rachel Sennott […]

Ebon Moss-Bachrach on Embracing a Lonelier Season of ‘The Bear’ and Finale’s Big Fight Scene

In season two of The Bear, the story comes out of the kitchen and into the world, following each of the ensemble cast in a deeper and more dedicated way as they work to flip The Beef into a high-end (hopefully Michelin-starred) restaurant. Viewers see Sydney exploring her palette through Chicago’s restaurant scene, Marcus heads […]

“I Liked Having Permission to Be Annoying”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With the Cast and Creators of ‘Shrinking’

The first season of Shrinking ends with a literal cliff-hanger. One of Jimmy’s (Jason Segel) patients takes his unconventional therapeutic advice to the extreme and pushes her abusive husband over the edge of a Los Angeles mountain, right as the credits roll. Segel and his co-creators Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein had the idea for […]

Andrew Barth Feldman’s First Time Watching an R-Rated Movie in a Theater Was at His ‘No Hard Feelings’ Premiere

For Andrew Barth Feldman, attending the premiere of his new movie No Hard Feelings means his first time watching a raunchy comedy in a theater full of people. The 21-year-old has been in lockdown for the bulk of his years as an eligible viewer of explicit movies. “I’ve never just laughed out loud with an […]

‘Somebody Somewhere’ Star Bridget Everett on Mining Her Own Life for the Comedy Series: “Life in Full Color Is No F***ing Joke”

When HBO offered Bridget Everett an overall deal, she never imagined anything would actually come out of it. “I thought, ‘OK, this is money, but after a year I’m gonna have to go back and just make my live shows,’ ” she says during a lunchtime interview in April to mark, incidentally, the second season […]