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Sheryl Lee Ralph Puts Positive Spin on Emmys Delay Amid Strike: “My Reign Has Been Supreme”

Sheryl Lee Ralph went viral when she sang part of her acceptance speech upon winning the Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy series last year. Now, with the 2023 Emmy telecast delayed until the new year because of Hollywood’s dual strikes, the Abbott Elementary star is relishing the opportunity to bask in the […]

Now What? The Five Crises Confronting a Post-Strike Hollywood

As brutal as 2023 has been for the entertainment industry, it’s possible the town will someday look back on this moment wistfully. And not just because of the picket line solidarity or cozy mogul hangs in the bargaining room. The strikes helped earn gains for Hollywood workers in such areas as streaming residuals and AI, […]

Susan Sarandon on the SAG-AFTRA Strike: “This Is a Now or Never Situation”

With her long history as an outspoken advocate for progressive causes, it’s perhaps no surprise that Susan Sarandon has plenty to say about the ongoing actors strike (not to mention joining the picket line herself). Speaking to THR Roma via Zoom from her home in Vermont, the Thelma & Louise star made it immediately clear she would adhere to […]

13 Times Hollywood Predicted the Scary (or Not So Scary) Future of AI

Artificial intelligence has gained new technological and cultural relevance in the past year, to the excitement (we assume) of some and the fear of pretty much anyone who’s ever seen a sci-fi movie. Indeed, one of the major reasons for the dual writers and actors strike is concern that studios will use AI to replace […]

‘Harold & Kumar’ Duo Kal Penn, John Cho Reunite at Strike Rally: “We Have the Munchies for a Fair Deal”

At a rally outside Paramount on Wednesday morning, Harold & Kumar duo Kal Penn and John Cho made a surprise appearance to pump up a massive group of SAG-AFTRA members. “We were just in the back, here to support and they asked, ‘Do you want to come up?'” said Penn, with Cho adding, “It was […]

Veteran Hollywood Producer Todd Garner on Miracle-Infused Trek Out of Rain-Soaked Burning Man

I haven’t been to Burning Man in 10 years. I went for the first time with my wife, and we ran around for a couple of days and thought, “Wow, that was crazy.” It was very stimulating. Lots of lights. This may sound very “woo-woo” and I’m not a “woo-woo” guy, but lately I’ve been hearing […]

FX’s ‘Fargo’ Delays Premiere Amid Dual Strikes

FX’s latest installment of Fargo is being pushed to Nov. 21 amid Hollywood’s dual strikes. Though the series was never publicly dated, multiple sources say it had been circling a release date in September. But with stars including Jon Hamm and Juno Temple unable to promote the fifth chapter in Noah Hawley’s Fargo universe as long as there’s a work stoppage, FX […]

Motion Picture Sound Editors Waive Member Dues in Response to Strikes

The board of the Motion Picture Sound Editors — the organization that produces the annual Golden Reel Awards — has voted unanimously to waive dues payments for its members for the current year amid the ongoing writers and actors strikes that have left many of its members of out of work. “We want our members […]